NYSED has approved GST BOCES to offer the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) Workshop. This six-hour workshop is mandated by NYSED for all certification applicants as of 1/1/14. This workshop fulfills the harassment, bullying, and discrimination prevention and intervention training required for certification/licensure under the Dignity for All Students Act (The Dignity Act).

This workshop is six hours: the first three hours are in-person & then the other three hours are completed online.
Both the in-person and online training must be completed to gain the certificate of completion.

Registration fee: $70 payable by credit card only. Minimum of 20 trainees required for trainings. Registered participants will be notified of cancellations via email. Registration is limited to 40 people per session.
Pre-registration & pre-payment is required. Click the button below to register.


As a result of taking this training,
participants will be able to:

  • Articulate the Reporting Requirements for Educators as specified in the Dignity Act.
  • Understand the intent components and operational definitions present in the Dignity Act.
  • Understand how school climate and culture have an impact on student achievement and behavior.
  • Understand bullying, harassment, and discrimination, including indicators, early warning signs, prevention and intervention and how to interact with families of victims and aggressors.
  • Enhance the understanding of diversity and multi-cultural environments and examine personal biases.
  • Develop and enhance awareness and sensitivity to the range of experiences of the specific student populations as named in the Dignity Act.

Here's what some recent DASA workshop attendees have had to say:

"The instructors were very knowledgeable about the information & were very welcoming. Wonderful to work with!"
"Thank you. These trainings are refreshing in many ways."
"A nice reminder of why I went into teaching. Very inspiring."
"The presenters worked well together & did a great job."
"You made it interesting & engaging. I really liked the format-it was great!"
Frequently Asked Questions about this workshop

Q. Do I have to bring anything?
A. No, no need to bring anything but a pen & arrive 5-10 minutes early to sign in.

Q. Do I have to complete an online portion before the workshop?
A. No, our 6-hour session format is (1) 3 hours in person, then (2) 3 hours of online assignments.

Q. When do I get the actual workshop certificate?
A. After you complete the online portion and it's reviewed/graded, the workshop certificate will be emailed to you. The completed workshop data will be sent electronically to NYSED every two-three weeks. Watch your TEACH account for this (it’s listed under WORKSHOPS).

Q. What do I do with my workshop certificate?
A. Keep it for your records

Q. What if I need another copy?
A. Please save a copy of the signed/completed workshop certificate for your records.

Q. What about directions to the actual workshop?
A. The link to directions is above (under dates and locations of workshops). Tab to the correct campus: Bush, Coopers, or Wildwood. Note that Bush, Bldg #11, is actually on Rt 14 (not on the "campus" - it's 2 buildings South of Arby's on Rt14 South. In Horseheads NY). During regular BOCES office hours, phone 739-3581 to ask for more specific directions.

Dates and Locations:

(Reminder: you must be pre-registered & pre-paid to attend)

In-person Sessions (choose one)

Register Now. Classes are filling up rapidly! Be ready to pay with PayPal!
  • Tuesday, September 22, 2015, 5-8 pm,
    Bush Campus Building #11, Elmira,
    Large Conference Room
    Directions and Map
  • Monday, October 12, 2015, 9 am - Noon,
    Bush Campus Building #11, Elmira,
    Large Conference Room
    Directions and Map
  • Thursday, December 10, 2015, 5-8 pm,
    Bush Campus Building #11, Elmira,
    Large Conference Room
    Directions and Map

The Registration Process

The online registration process is very simple. You begin by clicking the blue button.

Step One: First, you are asked to verify your email address. An email is sent to the address that you provide. You click on a link in that email that lets our server know that your address is legitimate.

Step Two: You fill in your contact information and select the training session that you will attend. This creates an account with us.

Step Three: You pay the registration fee at PayPal and click a link to return to our site when you are done.

1 - 2 - 3 - It's just that easy!!


Kelley Batrowny Assistant Principal, Career & Technical Education, GST BOCES, Bush campus
  • Certified as professional School District Leader & School Building Leader
  • Worked with Elmira College to develop & present DASA training
  • Earned her Bachelor's at SUC Geneseo, Master's at Middlebury College & completed educational administration coursework at SUNY Brockport
  • Former Math & Spanish teacher, Curriculum Mentor, Instructional Technology Specialist, Instructional Technology Administrator
Jennifer Roberts-O'Brian Curriculum Coordinator/Director of Admissions & Instructor of ACE Service Learning Program (in partnership with Corning Community College), Notre Dame High School, Elmira
  • Certified as School District Leader & School Building Leader
  • Worked with Elmira College to develop & present DASA training
  • Earned her Bachelor's at Mansfield University, Master's at Elmira College & completed educational administration coursework at SUNY Brockport
  • Former English teacher, and (BOCES) Educational Grant Specialist
Kathryn Cornell Curriculum Mentor & Professional Developer, GST BOCES
  • Certified as School District Leader
  • Certified as School Building Leader
  • NYS Common Core Ambassador
  • Earned her Bachelor's at SUC Geneseo, Master's at Roberts Wesleyan & certificate of Advanced Studies at Canisius College
  • Former elementary teacher, Literacy Specialist, and Soccer Coach
Chris Sancomb Physical Education Teacher GST BOCES & former Interim Principal, GST BOCES Hornell Site
  • 22 years teaching experience
  • Earned his Bachelor's degree at SUNY Cortland, Master's degree at Elmira College, & completed Educational Administration coursework at SUNY Brockport.
  • Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Trainer, GST BOCES
Erin Schiavone Virtual Learning & Virtual Worlds Coordinator, GST BOCES, Bush Campus
  • Certified Secondary Social Studies Teacher
  • Earned Bachelor's at SUNY Oswego, Master's at SUNY Cortland
  • Former Secondary Social Studies teacher and Instructional Technology Specialist w/GST BOCES

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For questions regarding this training, please phone or email Betty DeNardo, Teacher Certification Coordinator, 607/739-3581 x2215 or bdenardo@gstboces.org
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